Welcome to the TG Masterquiz bot!

The project has started! Tasks and rewards will be added constantly!
Here, every miner can earn m-tokens and claim keys to exchange them for nfts of the AW Metaverse!

Increase the production of m-tokens, complete tasks and quests, earn even more m-tokens and share them with other players!

Every Monday, verified researchers will receive new tasks and rewards for the past week!

Never before have new players had such a unique opportunity to earn their first NFTs with the help of friends and the support of Planet Eyeke!
Get even more pleasure and benefit from playing Alien Worlds!
Become an Epic or Legendary Eyeke Guardsman!
Take this difficult path!
A worthy reward awaits you! Get started at WEF!
To get started, 25,000 points will be enough!
Try to reach 50,000 points, move on!
Earn money at WEF! Gradually reach rare, epic, legendary levels in Masterquiz TG bot!
At each level you will have the opportunity to receive valuable NFT Tool, Arms, Crew!
Aim for a rating of 51/75 and 61/75!
Eyeke will always be a partner for dedicated and hardworking researchers!

1. Collect m-tokens with clicks.(done)
2. Upgrades for m-tokens collection, recovery and energy storage.(done)
3. Rent wax for CPU in exchange for m-tokens.(done)
4. Referral program.(done)
5. Development of quests and tasks.The tasks of obtaining m-tokens and claim keys by mining TLM on the lands of Eyeke(done)
6. Development of transfers of m-tokens and parts of NFT between players.(done)
7. Creation of a separate eyeketgquest wallet to track development funding and create a prize fund.(done)
8. Transfers of m-tokens between accounts.(done)
9. Development financing.(soon)
10. Funding the prize pool for quests and tasks from various sources.(in progress)
11. Limits on daily production of M-coins.(done)
12. Common, rare and epic levels of users.(done)
13. Daily random bonus.(done)
14. Cost and request for issuance of rewards (tool nfts).(done)
15. Selling rare and epic tool.worlds in exchange for m-tokens and keys.(done)
16. Adding a task to purchase a key.(done)
17. Adding epic nft weapons and minions.(done)
18. Adding legendary level 200/20/20000 (done)
19. Adding a limit for one account to receive a legendary NFT reward:1 arm and 1 minion.(done)
20. Expanding the quest limit to obtain 5 keys at the epic level and 20 keys at the legendary level.(done)
21. Setting a limit on the claim. 1 account - no more than 1 nft of each scheme and each rarity.(done)
22. Setting a list of legendary NFT rewards and their cost for legendary level players.(done)
23. Development of an additional task for acquiring m-tokens for legendary level players.(soon)
24. Development of a visual legendary level. (done)